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Usage Availability

Business Days Open all year round (except December 29 through January 3); The facilities may be closed temporarily for checking and maintaining the facilities. Please make an inquiry in advance.
Business Hours 9:00 - 21:00 (as a general rule);
Please inquire for usage during non-business hours.
Usage time includes the time from entry to moving-out for any preparation and removal.

Usage Flow

Inquiry, Tentative reservation, Apply for usage / Submit Application Form, Establish reservation/ issue Acceptance Letter of Usage and invoice, Payment of usage fee for facilities, Meeting and preparation, The date of usage, Settlement of bills


Please contact Kioi Conference for any inquiries.

TEL : 81+(0)3-3503-6077

Reception hours 9:30-17:30 on weekdays


Reservation Timing:

  1. (1)For main rooms A+B+C+D, seminar rooms A+B, or seminary rooms C+D: Starting first business day of the month one year before the planned date of use.
  2. (2)For all other rooms: Starting first business day of the month six months before the planned date of use.

Tentative Reservations

After checking the availability, you can make a tentative reservation for the venue you desire for one week. After this time, unless you have contacted us, the tentative reservation will be canceled automatically.

Apply for Usage

After your inquiry and review of your desired venue and schedule, we will deliver an “Application Form” to you. Please fill out, and affix your seal to the Application Form, and send it to Kioi Conference. After receipt of the “Application Form,” a reservation is deemed to have been made upon issue of a “Letter of Acceptance.” Please note making a reservation is subject to a cancellation fee.

Payment of Usage Fee for Facilities

Together with the “Letter of Acceptance,” a bill for the usage fee for facilities will be sent to you. Please transfer the fee to our bank account by the date specified in the bill. Any transfer fee will be borne by the user. No payment in cash or by credit card will be accepted. It should be noted, unless your payment is confirmed by the specified date, the reservation will be canceled and a cancellation fee will be charged. The bank transfer statement will serve as the receipt.

Meeting and Preparation

Before use, we may be allowed to have a meeting concerning arrangements for the layout and incidental services (furnishings, equipment and materials, catering, etc.). Please ask us about the arrangements. Please understand, depending on how you wish to use the facilities, you may need to submit further documents.

Day of Usage

Please visit the receptionist desk before use.
Please contact the receptionist desk after use.
Please be aware that extension of the usage time, on the day of usage, may not be possible depending on the situation.

Settlement of Bills

Any difference between the usage fee for facilities already paid and the actual amount of the usage fee will be settled. A bill will be issued separately for extension charges and charges for incidental services, etc. You will be requested to transfer the fee to our bank account by the date specified on the bill. No payment in cash or by credit card will be accepted. Please be aware that we will use a bank transfer statement to serve as the receipt.

Cancellation Fee

If you cancel your reservation after the issue of a "Letter of Acceptance," please submit the designated "Application for Cancellation of Use." A prescribed cancellation fee will be charged:
90 days or more before the date of usage: 30% of the usage fee for facilities
10 days or more before the date of usage: 50% of the usage fee for facilities
Within 9 days of usage: 100% of the usage fee for facilities
A cancellation fee will be charged separately in accordance with any cancellation of arranged furnishings, equipment, materials, catering, etc.

User policy: PDF Download (117KB)

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